Monday, September 20, 2010

I just finished reading "Medium Raw" by Anthony Bourdain. It felt like an update. A lot of the material he has been over in past writing or, on No Reservations. The Fish on Monday's chapter was proof of that. I have two chapters that were my instant favorites:

The first being, Go Ask Alice, chapter 12, is a view of an idea that, while being a good one, Alice Waters doesn't seem to consider the functionality of putting her ideas into play. And, the fact that she thinks SHE KNOWS what we should be eating is, ridiculous at best.

The second and favorite, My Aim is True, chapter 18. The description of Justo Thomas' work day is beautiful and familiar to me. Coming from a seafood background, particularly fish and, having worked while at Pesce Seafood Bistro with JoJo, a former co-worker of Eric Ripert while he was at Jean Louis at The Watergate, I know only too well of what he speaks. The way he describes Justo handling the delicate protein is, how it should be done. Pure poetry.

I would have to say that, overall, the title of the book describes perfectly the content. This is not a ass stretching, barn burner of a book. As I said, a lot of the material we have seen or heard before. Which is not to say it isn't a good read. It is. And, I think the lack of new, more up to the moment material is simply due to the fact that, he is no longer in the business. He used to be an insider and now he's outside looking in. Consequently, his perspective changes. Which is fine. We all grow up and, I think that, that's exactly what Anthony Bourdain has done.

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