Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Camera Trials In Horse Country

Driving in the Virginia country side, I thought I would take a few practice shots to see how they came out. There's a colt in there but, when I whistled in an attempt to lure them closer, they gathered around it so you can't see it.

They were very curious. They all came over to see who the stranger was. I'm not really a horse person but, I do love nature. I guess I was thinking how happy they used to be when they were running wild on the plains back in the day.

Now, to tie this to food, I have eaten horse meat. I was not fond of it. I found it sweet and stringy. It's been some years since eating it so, maybe I would feel differently about it now.
By the way, I am not suggesting dining on horse. Calm down Peta! They are beautiful animals.

So, my next planned entry, will be an oil cured black olive bread. With pics!

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